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Owner Information

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A new way to manage your long term or vacation rental property!

Mountain Town Properties offers full management services for all rental properties. We have a posse of qualified professionals from maintenance personnel, yard care services, hot tub maintenance and housekeepers to keep your home in tip top shape.

Our cloud based software platform allows the almost complete automation of all functions relating to managing vacation property rentals. It provides full and easy management of each and every property, it’s reservation calendar, the owner’s accounts, housekeeping & maintenance communications, third party commissions, property inventory and contractor/work order requests. All of this to ensure that your property receives the individual marketing and administration that it deserves.

Your personal login enables you to hold us accountable for day to day operations of your property.  There’s nothing to wonder about.

Login to view:

  • your accounting for each property (rental revenues earned & expenses incurred),
  • make bookings for your guests,
  • block out calendar days for when you are visiting,
  • track inventory,
  • initiate and view work orders.

Collective Marketing Initiative (CMI):

Many owners, especially in current economic times, are discouraged by the amount of revenue their properties are earning. Each owner needs to consider what they can do to contribute to marketing. While we at Mountain Town Properties have our own marketing that we do for the company and our owners, this alone is not enough. There are a number of free and inexpensive ways to advertise. From Craig’s List, Kijiji, and to your local community advertisers and word of mouth. Collectively, if everyone contributes to the marketing efforts, it benefits all of us and we can really generate momentum. We call this, a Collective Marketing Initiative.

As a homeowner considering our services you will surely have questions. You’re invited to call anytime, days, evenings or weekends to discuss the specifics of what we can do to make your property and this season more concern-free than ever before.